Coming to a campus near you: We Divest from the Israeli Occupation

Wednesday, October 10th

University of Illinois at Chicago
3:00 PM
Student Center East, Room 613
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University of Chicago
6:15 PM
Stuart 105
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Thursday, October 11th

Loyola University Chicago
7:00 PM
Galvin Auditorium (6339 N. Sheridan Road)
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Palestinians have endured forced removal from their homes, segregation, and regular episodes of violence under a decades-long Israeli military occupation. Multinational corporations profit from these human rights abuses by supplying Israel with munitions and equipment such as weaponized bulldozers and biometric scanners, thereby directly enabling the human rights abuses perpetuated by the occupation.

Under the Palestinian call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS), many advocate divestment from corporations profiting from the Israeli military occupation as a bold new approach to achieving peace with human rights in Israel and Palestine. A panel of activists who have worked on divestment campaigns will speak about the work they’ve done, why it matters, and how divestment can help secure human rights in Israel and Palestine.

About The Panelists:

Sydney Levy is the Director of Advocacy at Jewish Voice for Peace. He has worked for over 15 years in nonprofits advocating for LGBT human rights organizing for media justice, and assisting in the preparation of death row appeals. He is the son of Egyptian Jews who immigrated to Venezuela, where he was born. Sydney lived in Jerusalem for seven years, where he received his Masters degree in Jewish History from the Hebrew University. Sydney has been working with JVP since 2000, and since 2008 has worked with churches seeking to divest from companies profiting from the Israeli occupation.

Dr. Dalit Baum, Ph.D, is an Economic Activist for Palestine Global Exchange and a co-founder of Who Profits from the Occupation, an activist research initiative of the Coalition of Women for Peace in Israel. Dalit is a feminist scholar and teacher in Israel, who has been teaching about militarism and about the global economy from a feminist perspective in Israeli universities. As a feminist/ queer activist, she has been active with various groups in the Israeli anti-occupation and democratization movement, including Black Laundry, Boycott from Within, Zochrot, Anarchists against the Wall and Women in Black.

Sandra Tamari is an organizer with the St Louis Palestine Solidarity Committee, and a vocal advocate for Palestinian rights and the ending of Israel’s occupation of Palestinian territory. She has been involved in a campaign to urge the United Methodist church to adopt selective divestment from companies that profit from the occupation, co-authoring an op-ed in the Tampa Bay Times during the United Methodists’ General Conference. A Quaker American of Palestinian descent, she was recently barred from entering Israel and her case made headlines after it emerged that Israeli officials demanded her gmail password during her interrogation, and US Embassy officials in Tel Aviv refused to help her on account of her not being Jewish.