Chicago Divests’ statement on the attacks on Gaza

Today, Israel launched a major invasion on the people of Gaza. We are deeply distraught by the large scale of militarized violence currently unfolding. While Chicago Divests normally focuses on corporate connections to the occupation, we think it’s important today to take a moment to look at the big picture. What we do is more about following investment paper trails. Men, women, and children are dying as part of a massive military assault. Missiles rain down from drones and warships on civilians that have no where to run. We need to be clear in saying this is a crime against humanity. Today, we take a moment to stop drawing the investment/divestment connections. Today, we take a moment to simply stand up and say “NO! THIS IS WRONG!”

We encourage you all to do what you can to take a stand against the massacre of Gaza.  There will be an action tomorrow at 4pm planned by several organizations at 130 E. Randolph Street (the location of Obama’s campaign headquarters). 
If you would like more resources on corporate involvement in the invasion of Gaza, please continue to follow our twitter (@chicagodivests) and facebook (  In the mean time, here are some facts you should know about how TIAA-CREF’s investments support the attack on Gaza:
  • TIAA-CREF invests $661 million in HP, which runs the Israeli navy’s information technology infrastructure.  Israeli warships shelled the Gaza coast today.
  • TIAA-CREF invests $206 million in Northrop Grumman, which sells weapons and machinery to the Israeli Defense Forces.  The IDF used Northrop Grumman missiles on Gaza in 2008 and are using them now.
  • TIAA-CREF invests $141 million in Motorola solutions, which provides communication systems for the Israeli Defense Force.  Motorola is the provider of the primary mode of communication for the Israeli military, meaning that Israeli soldiers attacking Gaza are receiving their orders via a Motorola system.
  • TIAA-CREF invests $935,000 in Elbit systems, which manufactures drones for the Israeli army to use over Gaza.  Drones are constantly flying over Gaza now, killing civilians, destroying homes, and providing a constant psychological terror.

If you would like more information about corporate involvement in the attack on Gaza, you can email us We will be planning how we can repsond to this attack through divestment work over the coming days.

Thanks your your continuing support.  Thoughts and prayers for the people of Gaza.

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